Company Info

With diverse backgrounds and experiences in for-profit, non-profit, community, and governmental organizations, we infuse an array of skills to create dynamic and relevant products and services for our clients.  Chartres Street Consulting Group is locally owned and operated, conducting business with the sensibilities and spirit of Southeast Louisiana.  Our mantra is simple…

Be Professional

We understand how business should be conducted.  Chartres Street Consulting Group believes in walking the walk, talking the talk, and playing the part.  While our business image and practices directly signify our business values and professionalism, they also reflect upon the image and character of our clients.  We believe not only in deliverables, but also in the intangibles.  We believe that by meeting and exceeding the highest professional standards, our clients will not only be more comfortable working with us, but also be recognized as working with true professionals.

Be Reliable

Professionalism and creativity mean nothing without reliability. Being reliable is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.  We recognize the importance of deadlines and contracts, and we believe in constant communication to ensure that our work is delivered on time and to specification as per our agreements.  Reliability is essential not only as a business convenience, but also as a reflection of our professionalism and our belief in the highest and best business practices.

Be Creative

What we do is an art.  Just as important as professionalism and reliability is having the talent to realize the spirit and purpose of our client’s message.  We are constantly growing, learning, experimenting and implementing new techniques.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to think outside of the box, to create new and exciting ways of conveying information.  From writing copy to capturing that perfect picture to designing the layout, we oversee the entire process to push the boundaries of what we’re capable of, and to ensure that our client’s vision is captured and articulated.