Chartres Street Consulting Group specializes in providing specific multimedia, marketing, and technological support for organizations.  While able to offer complete development, marketing and support services, our focus is on “filling the gaps” of organizations either caught in the process of growth and expansion or lost in the inability to compete due to size and personnel limitations.  “Organizations don’t usually need an entire marketing campaign…what they need is a specific product for a specific use or event.”For small and large projects alike, we bring a variety of experiences and accomplishments to every client and thrive on our ability to adapt to the needs of each situation.  We understand that the development and growth of each organization is different.  Our “filling the gaps” philosophy allows entities the option to utilize their resources in the way that makes the most sense to them and their specific situation.


We use state of the art cameras and software to create customized video productions designed to capture the spirit and message of our clients in the richest and highest quality format possible.

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We use industry leading Content Management Systems (CMS) to design and create customized, intuitive, professional websites for our clients.  In addition, we offer maintenance, domain registration, and website hosting from our own servers.

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From logo development to organization of information into a flyer, brochure, newsletter, pamphlet, etc., we can help design graphic art and print media that define, identify, and brand your company or organization.

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Chartres Street offers full assessment, analysis, comprehensive solution selection, product and format implementation, and tech support broadly across many IT concerns including: infrastructure, access, collaboration, business continuity, data integrity, procurement, and workflow.

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